Machine Learning in Action: Mining the Netherlands Brain Bank

Inge Huitinga and Elena Marchiori – Netherlands Brain Bank & Radboud University

Motivated by high cost and large amount of under-utilized data, healthcare needs methods to boost the benefits of available data in order to guide and facilitate research, leading to new knowledge and improved clinical standards. The situation applies prominently to the Netherlands Brain Bank (NBB). The NBB supplies the international scientific community with clinically and neuropathologically well-documented brain tissue. The NBB also hosts substantial amounts of data, describing extensive coded information on the clinical history of the donors, genetic data and detailed neuropathological information. In this talk we will describe the main characteristics of the NBB and summarize the content of our joint project called ‘MacBrain’, aiming at using clinical and pathological parameters to discover clinical disease profiles. These can be used to perform targeted studies in order to improve diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of neurodegenerative diseases.

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